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New England Local Masters Swimming Committee:
Time Tabulations for 25-Yard (SCY),
25-Meter (SCM) & 50-Meter (LCM) Pools

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NEW: RECENTLY ADDED: NELMSC SCM CHAMPIONSHIP; LCM swims from outside LMSC; 171014Simmons; 171028UVAC

NEW: Graph your swim performances over time. Two options: your actual swim time or your swim rating. You might find that you are slowing with age, but that your swim rating is increasing or staying the same. Masters Swim Rating Derivation / Explanation

NEW: DECATHLON: New 'cyber' event. Swim 10 different pool events in one course. Each of your swims is rated per the Masters Swim Rating. The see top ten 'Decathletes' for any Year / Course here.

NELMSC 25-Yard, 25-Meter & 50-Meter Pool TIME TABULATIONS
Individual's Lists
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     ·  Individuals: All Time Fastest 50 Splashes by Age Group
     ·  Individuals: All Time Fastest 100 Splashes - All Ages
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Relay Lists
     ·  Relays: NELMSC All Time Top 50
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NELMSC Individual's Times by RATING
     ·  Masters Swim Rating Derivation / Explanation
     ·  Rating by Event
     ·  Rating by Name
     ·  Meet High Point by Sum of Masters Swim Rating, NELMSC swims only
     ·  Rating Calculator: Enter your swim times (*SCY, SCM or LCM*) here

NELMSC records set at recent meets
     ·  NELMSC records at recent meets

NELMSC Records: HTML Table or Hy-Tek CSV Format
     ·  NELMSC Individual Records
     ·  NELMSC Relay Records

NELMSC Gender Records (fastest from any age group, by gender)
     ·  Individuals: Gender records

25-Meter NELMSC Individual and Relay Record Progression
     ·  NELMSC Individual's Record Progression
     ·  NELMSC Relays Record Progression

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